MIDDLE EAST LUBRICANTS has the exclusive PAN-india rights for selling the products of Rulexx Lubricants and Grease Industries L.L.C . It has been importing a wide range of Rulexx oils, automotive fluids and grease, and marketing And selling them within the Indian markets . SD Group has developed strategies to capture the Automotive industrial and marine industries for supplying lubricating oils and grease.

MIDDLE EAST LUBRICANTS was established in 2006 and has its head-office in Navi –Mumbai . Its has successfully operated in the real Estate , Finance , Marketing and Trading verticals.

MIDDLE EAST LUBRICANTS has offered Consultancy Services , advised on Investments and initiated Public issues , and has also mediated with large corporation for their financial restructuring with banks and other financial Institutions. It also has significant experience in Commodity Trading in both domestic and international Markets.

MIDDLE EAST LUBRICANTS is a part of a large group of companies that are established in the Real Estate and Infrastructure Development , Multi trading Export of Agro & other products .

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MIDDLE EAST LUBRICANTS has introduced a wide range of automotive lubricants from Rulexx for the Indian market . These Products cater to an extensive range from Two-wheelers to Four –wheelers for both petrol and diesel Engine .All Rulexx lubricants are of premium quality , formulated to deliver true performance and Efficiency to the engine server tests shows that Rulexx lubricants reduce engine wear, prevents oxidation And sludge build-up on pistons and resist oil degradation ,thereby enhancing engine life and performance and improving fuel efficiency. Rulexx engine oils are made with 100% virgin base-oil and High quality additives. They meet the international API specification . They are approved by Volvo and Meet and exceed the specification of international OEMs such as Mercedes Benz , Volkswagen , Renault, General motors Porsche, Cummins engines caterpillar engine and others.


Guided by its business principles, Rulexx Plus Oil known as a leading quality brand, devoted to provide an excellent oil product and strive to be the best lubricant supplier of choice in a worldwide trade. Rulexx Plus will be the trusted supplier of environmentally friendly lubricant with exceptional level of services given upon customer’s requirement and priority.

Meeting Customer need is our top priority and ensure product delivery according to the specified quality required by our valued customers. We strive to earn each clients trust, ultimately reaching our goal and be globally recognized distributor of superior product

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